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Please feel free to call or text for further information and to discuss your students requirements


Junior Performance Class, Monday, 4pm to 6pm

6 years to 13 years

$200 per term

Acting, Singing and Dance, perfect for junior performers, all the basics taught with fun theatre games, script work, voice projection, stage positions, confidence building, characterization and loads more.

Great for confidence building, teamwork and learning what a performer is and can be.

Adapt Juniors have two productions a year where they are able to put all of their practice in to the great experience of being on stage in front of a family friendly audience.

Juniors can stay in this class until the end of their 13th year if they or their parent/guardian prefer.


Advanced Acting Adults, Tuesday, 5.00-7.00pm


18 years plus

$200 per term

Serious about developing your acting skills ? this is the class for you, strong dramatic instruction along with a lot of great interaction and discussion, creative expansion workshops also included.

Teen Musical Theatre, Wednesday, 5pm-7pm

13 years to 18 years

$200 per term

Dance, singing and acting are all included in this excellent class, perfect for teens to assist them develop strong musical theatre ability, lots of fun and encouragement with choreography as a base, caters for new to experienced students, all levels of dance catered for.

Two productions a year give students plenty of opportunity to gain stage experience.

Physical Theatre, Wednesday, 7pm to 8pm

Teens and Adults Combined
(Mature teens are recommended due to the nature of this class)
Physical Theatre is a cross between dance and drama. Many physical styles of theatre such as mime, Commedia deel’Arte, slap-stick or clowning can be considered as physical theatre. Historic practitioners: Jacques LeCoq, Jerzy Grotowski and Antonin Artaud. More contemporay practice and practitioners are: Steven Berkoff, Pina Baush, DV8, Stomp and Frantic Assembly.
Perfect for Acting and Musical Theatre students as an additional class or as an individual pursuit.
$100 per term for members of current classes
$150 for Individual class members

Teen Acting, Thursday, 4pm-6pm

13 years to 18 years

$200 per term

Teen acting teaches all the basics of acting and performance, it is highly confidence building and a great class for teaching good communication skills.

Acting for teens works on a basis of drawing students of out comfort zones and pushing them to further their own abilities, it is a very fun and encouraging class and all students grow as performers within it.

Acting is the main strength, and great for actors interested in stage or film.

Two productions a year give students plenty of opportunity to gain stage experience.

Private Lessons: upon arrangement.

We take your private lesson very seriously as we know it is for your own personal performance development.

Lessons available in acting, singing presentation, dance, public speaking and any other areas of communication required.

Acting: $60 per hour, minimum of 5 week slots.

Dance: $30 per hour, minimum of 5 week slots.

Singing Presentation: $60 per hour, minimum of 5 week slots.

All booked private slots must be paid for irrelevant of personal attendance.

As our teachers will take the time during the week to prepare for your session, and the room must be pre booked, payment is required.

If you are unable to attend due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, please notify 3 hours prior and another session will be organized.

Last minute cancellations (less then 3 hours) will be charged for and not replaced.

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