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ADAPT Performance Training is a performance school for beginners through to advanced students.

Company Director Karen Francis takes great pride in ensuring your training in performance needs are met either by herself or teachers within the company.

ADAPT's mission is to train you to your best ability in performance, confidence and technical ability within the arts.

With ADAPT Performance Training you will have the opportunity to gain a wide range of experiences within the performing arts arena.

You will be encouraged to develop skills with ADAPT that will enable you to gain further training in performance, or if you prefer, purely to just shine and have some fun.

ADAPT originated as a training initiative for Stray Cats Theatre Company

Stray Cats Theatre Company is run on a professional and community level.

It is artistically directed and owned by Karen Francis, who has over 30yrs experience in theatre, performance, directing, training and development.

Our professional performers and trainers have worked as vocalists, actors, musicians, technicians and trainers.

They have also gained entry to WAAPA, John Curtin and NIDA.

 You will find all that you need to register or to contact us on this site.

Company Director

Karen Francis

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