ADAPT - Performance Training

Welcome to ADAPT.


John Tonkin College
Education Drive
(Next to Peel Tafe, Block C, Performing Arts Building)

All terms at ADAPT work on a 10 session basis.

At times there will be some rehearsal sessions scheduled for a Sunday morning, or we may need the students to attend another class during the week when we are closer to the date of showcases or productions, there will be no extra costs for any added rehearsals.

If your child has received a lead position with the main productions, they will be required to attend a different class some weeks as well as the one they attend on a regular basis; there would be no extra charge for this to occur. Also ensemble will be required on certain days extra to normal class, again, no added costs.  
Midyear and End of year Productions (Terms 2 and 4) 
Do incur an entry fee.
Productions in these terms are our large scale shows, the whole school is included with some taking lead and minor parts.
Auditions are in terms 1 and 3.  

Costumes and Personal Props for Showcases and Productions.
A list will be given when appropriate. 

PLEASE NOTE: Public Holidays.
We do not continue with classes during Public Holidays unless otherwise specified, if at any time classes are not run on a public holiday, time will be made up in another class time, Sunday rehearsal or during the performance day.

Please ensure your child attends all classes where ever possible, accumulation of knowledge and confidence developed in the classes will assist your child when shows are on.
It also develops a reliable theatre performer that takes responsibility for their role within the shows.
Please text if he/she can not attend a class, thank you.

ADAPT runs between February and November.
We find this is the best for parents and students, we then avoid the Christmas rush of dance schools and end of year outings.  

Family Feel.
ADAPT strives to develop a family feel to our classes, we want students of all ages and experience to feel welcome and able to participate, if you would like to assist in any areas of production, please discuss upon application.

Further Information
Information regarding important dates and times will be given out in class to students via newsletters.
Reminders are sent via text, please make sure your mobile details are always up to date.

Fees are due first week of each term.
Fees are due first week of each term. You may request to pay in installments if in financial difficulties and a payment plan can be arranged.

*All fees are per term and are to be paid in full, regardless of attendance if enrolled*

Available payment systems will be discussed upon enrollment.

Bank details for online payment are available via personal contact in class or by email.

Any further inquiries please contact:  0407089793.  

Company Director
Karen Francis.